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"At school, I was a quiet kid. I was really shy. My safe zone was music. In writing music, I had my friend, the one thing that would never let me down. Writing songs was like me keeping a journal. I really took it seriously when I realized how powerful of a tool it was and how much I needed it. I spent a lot of time in my little studio that I built at our house. I spent so much time there that I neglected going out or hanging out. I skipped all the parties. I skipped the prom every year because it always fell on a date when I had a gig to play. I voluntarily skipped out on a lot. I was working on song demos. That was the one thing that was going really well. I was going to give every minute to it that I possibly could.

When I get on stage, that’s my home. That’s my element, and I’m not shy anymore. That’s where I’m comfortable. Getting to play live every night, that’s what I’ve always dreamed about. I’m blessed beyond belief.” (x)

(Source: lawsnjoel)

Her daddy gave her, her first pony. Then taught her to ride. She climbed high in that saddle, fell I don’t know how many times. Taught her a lesson that she learned. Maybe a little too well. Cowgirls don’t cry. Ride baby ride. Lessons of life are going to show you in time. Soon enough you’re gonna know why. It’s gonna hurt every now and then. If you fall get back on again. Cowgirls don’t cry.
"Cowgirls Don’t Cry" - Brooks And Dunn (via livingablondemoment)
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